Brain Zaps, Epileptic Seizures Or Migraine?


Asked by monjanse

Brain Zaps, Epileptic Seizures Or Migraine?

I sometimes experiensing "brain zaps" in my head, and when it comes I having a blurred vision, in a quarter of a second when it happens. then my normal vision comes back after a quarter of a second with brain zap. they are coming after eachother and often comes when I walk outside in the cold weather, or inside a cold room when I moving. i have epiklepsyform activity in my brain when i took an eeg in 2006. can this brain zaps be a form of seizures? I havent quitted any medications.I sometimes have them when im freezing or i walking in cold wind and my body temperature are changing. can it be epileptic? I also have had migraines 3 times in my life. can migraine lead to epilepsy? this brain zaps doesnt hurt.



This must be a frustrating problem. Let me see if I can help you a little...

Migraine is a primary condition. This means it isn't caused by another condition. Migraine may trigger epilepsy, and sometimes epilepsy can trigger Migraine. The only way to know what is causing your symptoms is to talk to your doctor though. We can't help you diagnose this kind of problem on the internet. There are simply so many variables we can't possibly know about.

If your doctor isn't able to help, it may well be time to consult a Migraine and headache specialist. It's important to note that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. Take a look at the article Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special?


Answered by Ellen Schnakenberg