Brain waves guide new meditation app

Your next deep meditation may come courtesy of your smartphone. A new mobile app called 'Transcend' uses information from brain waves to guide its users through customized meditation.

Users wear a headset (sold separately) that plugs into the smartphone and records the electrical activity of the brain along the forehead. After a person inputs the amount of time they want to meditate, the app is designed to guide them through a meditation session that changes in response to the users’ level of relaxation, based on the activity of their brain waves.

During the meditation, a candle graphic appears on the screen and glows brighter as the user relaxes. A graph in the app also allows users to see their brain activity in real time as they meditate.

The app is currently available for Android and an iPhone version is expected soon.

Sourced from: News Daily, Apps use brainwaves to guide, improve meditation