Can I Break 1 Mg Ativan In Half


Asked by kim

Can I Break 1 Mg Ativan In Half

can i break 1 mg ativan in half I have never had it before and would like to work up to 1 full pill.. can i do t his safely


Hi Kim,

Make sure your Ativan is not time release (although I don't think Ativan comes in a time release format). It's always best to consult with your prescribing physican about how you are taking a medication. If you are concerned about how you will react to Ativan, another strategy is to take your first pill on a weekend (or other time) when you do not have to go anywhere or have any obligations.

I'm not a Psychiatrist, but I see lots of people who take Ativan and similar medications. Most people like to take as least as possible, however, many people "undermedicate" and don't reap the benefits of the medication. This is one reason that you want to communicate with your doctor.

I hope that helps.


Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.

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