"Breakthrough" Symptoms


Asked by Donna-1

"Breakthrough" Symptoms

It is possible to have "breakthrough" symptoms of depression? By that, I mean perhaps my meds are not adjusted right? I am having rather major symptoms of depression once or twice a day when I either go to bed and try to sleep it off, or when it seems that familiar gray fog descends. But then the bad feelings go away and I am okay again.

My next pdoc appointment is not for another month or so. I don't know whether to tough it out till then, or try to get worked in one day next week.



Hi Donna!

Well I would not tough it out...I think you should let your doctor know about this and nip it in the bud. You don't want this to get any worse.

Is there a pattern to this at all that you can identify? Would it be good to write it down and keep track? How long do you feel depressed and what time of day? I always like to think there is some cause for such things...we just need to be a detective and figure it out. Not sure how old you are Donna but could it be related to hormones at all or...even what you are eating? I am finding that both my mood and neurological symptoms have been very related to these two factors for me. Anything is possible or as you are thinking...maybe your meds need adjusted.

Make an appointment...it won't hurt to do so. Let us know what your doc says.

Answered by Merely Me