Breast Cancer (What Is The Average Life Expectancy After Treatment?)


Asked by Elaine Reid

Breast Cancer (What Is The Average Life Expectancy After Treatment?)

I had a 7 cm lump in left breast. Cancerous + in 3 lympnodes. Cancer came back 1 year later on same breast wall after masectomy, chemo & tomoxifan. I figure I had the lump for 3 years before properly diagnosed. Now with this information, how many years statisticly would one expect to survive?


Elaine - I agree with PJ - but know that these days cancer does not mean death. We can survive this!

At just 31 I was diagnosed with my first breast cancer. I had a mastectomy after the lumpectomy did not have clear margins. Now just 3 yrs later it has retunred. My plastic surgeon found suspicious looking scar tissue within my breast muscle (near where my original tumor had been found.) He removed the piece and it came back + for cancer and once again had no clear margins. I just had surgery on the 22nd to have more muscle removed, and expect to spend my summer going through radiation and chemo. Not happy that it ruined my summer plans for my daughter, but I know I WILL BEAT THIS! Juat keep in touch with an oncologist so they can test your blood and change your meds as new trials and medical advice comes out. You'll make it. Stay positive and on top of your medical info - follow your dr's orders, take your meds, try to be healthy and you will beat this!

Good luck to you. Please keep us posted!