My Breast Hurt When I Touch Them


Asked by eli

My Breast Hurt When I Touch Them

im 16years old and i have a couple of weeks since my breast started to hurt i dont know whats wrong it just hurt when i touched them even when i put my bra it hurts or when some objects touched them can you give me an idea of what i might have


Sure, Ell - You have rampant hormones, which is absolutely natural at your age. As you go through puberty and your hormonal system causes your breasts to grow, there'll be times when your breasts become very tender/sore; let me emphasize, this is natural.

The other possibiilty, which you probably don't want to hear, is that you're pregnant, which often causes sore breasts. If that's a possibility, I suggest paying attention to when your next period should be, OK?

If the soreness becomes severe and lasts for weeks, best to see a doctor. (S)he can probably give you something to help with the pain. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel