Breast Implants And Sharps Shooting Pain In Right Breast


Asked by Vanessa

Breast Implants And Sharps Shooting Pain In Right Breast

i am 27 yrs old very healthy, never have been hospitalized, i exercise at least 5 times a week. i have a history (just my grandmother) of breast cancer in my family, my grandmother (from my mothers side) had breast cancer and passed away because of it in 1991.i have had my breast implants (saline) for 2 yrs & 9 months, and have been experiencing sharp shooting pain only in my right breast. It seems to radiate all the way to my armpit, and sometimes it feels warm inside. i know that my nerves on that breast are damaged because if i place my breast on a cold surface (cold tile wall) and my nipple is numb to that. i called my surgeon and went to him today he looked at my breast and checked for lumps and found nothing. he told me it could be nerves trying to reconnect (is that normal after almost 3 years of having the surgery?). i trust him but i thought i would get another opinion. I did some research and the pain i am experiencing seems to be called "Zingers". Anyway hope to hear from you soon Thank you, Vanessa


Vanessa, your surgeon's explanation sounds reasonable. There could be all kinds of nerve issues going on, even this long after surgery; nerves are slow to reconnect, and as tissue heals and scar tissue fades, sometimes there's enough of a shift that different nerves are affected. Your grandmother's having had breast cancer doesn't raise your risk of having breast cancer, so don't worry about that. If you're doubtful about your diagnosis, though, perhaps you should see your GP about this - move beyond the surgeon, and explore other avenuses of getting this pain diagnosed and treated. Good luck - PJH

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