I Have Been Have Breast/nipple Pain In My Left Breast....


Asked by jj2009

I Have Been Have Breast/nipple Pain In My Left Breast....

It started a year ago. My dr said its probably nothing it should go away. At the time by breast was slightly swollen and the pain radiated from my nipple to my armpit. (aching feeling) Well, its been a year I continue to get the achy filling all the way to my armpit. My nipple is ultrasensitive and not in a good way, its in a stingy burny bad way. I get a "let down" feeling sometimes (my youngest child is 4 years old) and sometims my nipple will just get hard for no reason and it tingles/stings feeling. I am not sure what to do. I went to my pcp and he googled solutions for breast pain and told me to use vitamin and its normal for me to have this pain. I don't feel like this is normal, it hurts as in pain not sure. It does not start and stop during my cycle or in anypattern, my breast pretty much has a full feeling all the time, their is no outward appearance changes to breast or nipple. I am not sure what to do at this point. Just keep on living with it? It is disruptive I will just walk around holding it sometimes cause it aches...Im so confused.....Is it truly something I just have to live with? Is it normal to have breast nipple pain that radiates up to my armpit? And nipple pain...? daily for a year? very confused and just want some kind of direction to take to relieve the pain. I just touching my breast can give a good diagnosis of any type of problem can it?


I understand your confusion; it must be very difficult living with this discomfort for so long. Luckily, this doesn't sound at all like breast cancer; it would have become evident it was cancer sooner than this. Nevertheless, it would be good to have it diagnosed and treated, whatever it is. It could be a hormonal issue of some sort. Have you been to a breast specialist? If not, that's the first step. The second step would be, I think, seeing an endocrinologist. So advocate for yourself, and have your PCP refer you to the next level up, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel