My Breast And Nipples Itch Like Crazy.


Asked by mlacy

My Breast And Nipples Itch Like Crazy.

History of breast cancer in family. My breast and nipples itch almost all the time. Not dry skin lotion doesn't help much if any. Darkened areas on breast where I have itched. Some spots where slight bleeding from itching! Please help, I need some advice!!


The first home care solutions for itching skin include showering with warm (not hot) water, using unscented skin care products for sensitive skin, and double rinsing your bras to get rid of any irritating soap. Scratching makes it worse, so try pressing hard on the itching place instead of scratching. Since this could be an allergy or fungal rash of some sort, seeing a doctor is probably also a good idea if this problem is a long-term one. The good news is that itchy skin on both breasts is almost certainly not breast cancer. With your family history of breast cancer, you'll want to get regular check-ups that include a breast exam, but don't worry about this itching being cancer.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson