Breast Pain At 20


Asked by Mence

Breast Pain At 20

For the past 3 to 4 months, I have been having some unusual discomfort/pain in my right breast and elbow that is persistent and doesn't seem to go away and some days it gets worse as the day progress. All this started about 4 months ago when my breast started to go sore for a day or so but as time went by the discomfort started to last every day but will go way every 4-5 days but always return. I thought it was related to the mensual cycle but was still around after. I have not felt any other symptoms such as any lumps that I can feel, but my breast feels sore with touch at various places but not only in one spot, except the nipple seems to be ever so slightly seem swollen at times and I can feel slight heaviness in the overall breast. The discomfort I feel in my right breast I can feel also around the elbow area and above it, it feels kind of heavy, some tightness and slightly tired when I lift my arm up. I have tried taking some pain killers to ease the discomfort but doesn't seem to do anything, the only thing that seem to work is when I have a bath or apply some ice or anything cold to the breast Also for the past 1 weeks or so I have started have random cold symptoms that come and go such as sneezing, a blocked nose and the feeling to cough but I don't need to. I don't know if these are related to the breast discomfort of to the strange weather here in Australia or I am getting a cold. sorry for the long post

any help/advice on what this could be will be greatly appreciated in advance.


Hi - At age 20, your chance of having breast cancer is probably less than .05%, so it would be very unusual. It sounds to me, with your arm involvement and describing your other symptoms, that you're having some lymphedema, which is when the lymph nodes under your arm aren't functioning well. At any rate, I'd go see a doctor about this; since it seems to be worsening, you want to find out what it is and start to treat it, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel