Breast Pain And Rib Pain Just Under Breast. Any Idea's?


Asked by Deanie12

Breast Pain And Rib Pain Just Under Breast. Any Idea's?

I have been to my doctor 3 times now in 2 years about breast lumps and pains and I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac! The first time I went I could feel a small lump in my left breast but they couldn't so they sent me away. A year later I felt it again and it was much larger; this time I was sent for a scan and a biopsy which said it was a fibroid which can cause pain. I went again about 5 months later feeling a new lump in my left breast; the doctor said that he could feel it but it kept moving and then decided that I should go back to him in 4 weeks or after my menstrual cycle which i never got and still haven't (i am considering going to back to discuss that) and now I have slight tenderness, dull pains, and some times sharp pains towards the right of my left breast and also dull pains in my rib just below my breast.

Sorry to give you all my life story but i thought it nessessary to give the history of my pains in order to give you a better idea of what i may have. As are most women with breast pains out there, I'm worried!

Am i just a hypochondriac?


You're not a hypochondriac, Deanie - you sound like a normal woman with normal concerns about her health. Thus far, it sounds like you've gotten a good standard of treatment from your doctor. Breast pain is usually a sign of fibrocystic change, a condition which includes cysts, and benign (though often painful) breast tumors. At this point, I think you should find out why your period has stopped; they should be able to do some blood tests to see what's up. But the symptoms you describe don't sound like cancer, so I hope you can relax on that front. Good luck - PJH

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Answered by PJ Hamel