Breast Size After Reconstruction


Asked by Amelia

Breast Size After Reconstruction

I am currently going through reconstruction after havng a double mastectomy. My original cup size was A on my right side and B on my left side before my mastectomy. I would like to acheive a full C cup to a D. How many cc's should my dr inject into my expanders to acheive this final size. I'm at 450 cc right now. The dr. is saying we may be at the point where we should stop, but I want to be sure before I stop on the expansion process. I am a 5'7", 145 lb woman. Could you please help me, by providing me some information before I make my final decision?


That's really tough to answer because of your size. I have the biggest implants they make--850 cc's, but they're only a B to C cup at the most.....then again, I'm not a tiny, small frame woman. Of the women I have talked to, the size has varied greatly. I'm sure 850 cc's would look absolutely huge on you, but on me they are just so-so. I had a small D cup prior to cancer. What size does your doctor recommend? Have you asked to see the various size implants he has? Sometimes holding them can give you an idea of what to expect. As far as how much to inject, well that's just as tricky cause your doctor will want to over fill you a bit. My doctor filled me to 1150 cc's just to put 850 in. Wanted to make sure he had enough extra tissue to close around the implant incase there was some type of problem. He should know exactly how much saline to inject, or how big to take you since he's done this type of procedure on other women of your size.

Good luck!