My Breast Is Swollen, Very Hard And Painful.


Asked by Leslie

My Breast Is Swollen, Very Hard And Painful.

My breast is swollen at least a cup size larger, it is hard all over and painful. I have cystic breasts but this is different. The pain and swelling was not relieved by onset of my period two weeks ago. I went to the doctor and he saw only small cysts on ultrasound. He tried needle aspiration and no fluid was found so he determined it was solid. I had my regular mamo and ultrasound in November. Only normal cysts were found. I do not have breast implants, am not on birth control or any other hormones and I eat a healthy diet. Mostly chicken and fish and lots of veges and fruits. (organic when I can find them). Also mostly organic milk or soy milk. There is no known history of breast cancer in my family. What are the diagnostic tests I should expect next? What are the possible diagnoses I might hear? Is it possible to have cancer grow this fast?



Leslie, you could have mastitis, a breast infection; or you could have inflammatory breast cancer, a rare but fairly fast-growing cancer of the lymph system within your breast. It often presents itself with infection-like symptoms. Please mention this to your doctor, and ask for whatever diagnostic tests or procedures are necessary to rule out IBC, OK? Good luck to you - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel