Breast Tissue "Dip" And Saggy Skin Dimpling


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Breast Tissue "Dip" And Saggy Skin Dimpling

Hello! I have posted once before with great response and am back yet with another question. To give history, I am 34 years old, breastfed my last child for 26 months (first child for 22). I was normally a C cup and swelled to a DD/E while nursing. I gradually in about 4-6 months got back to a C cup after I stopped nursing. I then started working out and lost 17 lbs. I subsequently dropped down to a B cup this spring and so my breasts have taken a "beating" over the past few years :)

Fast forward to a few months ago when I noticed that when I raised my arms up, there was a dip in the breast tissue under the left nipple area. I also notice a lot of loose skin there. When I pull the skin taut, or do the hands on the hips, flex move, the breast rounds out perfectly and there is no dip. You also cannot see anything when my arms are at rest. I went in and checked it out with my OB/GYN who did a very thorough exam. He said my exam was easy and there is absolutely no mass, lump, etc. (I didn't feel one either) but said if I wanted to get a mammo for reassurance I could. He said what he saw didn't really look like a dimple, but he could see what I see.

I got the mammo and then they did an u/s afterwards at my request, "to be sure". The radiologist came in and did the u/s himself and after the u/s and reading the mammo, he said there is absolutely nothing there to be concerned with, no follow up needed and to come back at 40 for a screening mammo then. The breast health nurse said also that she thinks this is all due to weight loss, tissue change from breast feeding/pregnancy, etc..and for me not to worry since there is no palpable finding, no imaging concerns, etc... My OB/GYN called back and concurred with the others that this is just normal for me.

Still worried, I called a NP at a major breast center at a teaching hospital who I have seen before, and told her everything and she concurred with what everyone else said. She said I can come in for her to look, but she doesn't believe its necessary based on the films, history, etc... So do I let this go? The explanation does seem to fit everything, but just after internet research, everything seems to point that this is a bad finding. I tend to worry but then common sense tells me that something would be found, felt, imaged, a small breast if this indentation was significant. Thanks for any input!


With the size changes you have had from breast feeding and weight loss, the changes you have noticed sound perfectly normal. It's good that you had everything checked out, just to be sure. Now don't worry; just make sure that you continue your regular exams with your doctor.

It may help you to know that the dimpling frequently mentioned in information about doing breast exams is more like lots of little dimples that make the skin look dented all over like the skin of an orange or like puff pastry pricked by a fork. It happens when the breast tissue swells, but the connective tissue stays the same, making the skin look pitted. It wasn't until I actually had that happen to me that I realized the dimpling I was imagining was not what doctors look for.

Stretch marks and various skin wrinkles will continue to develop as you age, but most of the time they are part of normal skin and tissue changes.

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