My Breast is "Vibrating." Could it be Cancer?


Asked by Joni

My Breast Has Been "Vibrating." Could This Be A Cancer Symptom?

Recently my left breast has had this strange vibration. At first I thought I was imagining it, but it's been happening a lot. It doesn't hurt -; just feels weird, like a cell phone vibrating. Could this be a symptom of breast cancer?


This vibration is almost certainly NOT breast cancer, though only your doctor can make this determination - and any diagnosis - for sure. While doctors don't know what causes this type of sensation, they surmise it might originate with spasms of the tiny little muscles around your nipple. Your nipples are very sensitive, and anything - a bra that doesn't quite fit, changes in temperature, even the laundry detergent or shower gel you use - can irritate them.

A surprising number of women experience this condition - please read our post, The Strange Case of the Vibrating Breast, for more on that. Breast cancer isn't usually something you "feel" - except when you discover a breast lump. Other than that (and unless it's inflammatory breast cancer, which is painful and hot), breast cancer usually doesn't feel like anything. Since this is happening in your left breast, if it continues, you might want to rule out potential cardiac issues. But other than that - hopefully, it'll abate soon!

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