Both Breasts Are Turning Purple...


Asked by amanda

Both Breasts Are Turning Purple...

I looked down today while putting my bra on and noticed both breasts turning purple. I have not injured them lately. But they are abnormally tender. I am getting worried and not sure what to do. Any reply would be helpful... Thank you!


Amanda, any time you notice something happening with both breasts, it's usually hormonal, an allergy, or something similar. Breast cancer seldom presents symptoms in both breasts at once. Since you mention soreness, I'd guess this is hormonal. Is it possible you're pregnant? Sore breasts is one of the first signs of pregnancy. If not, I'd suggest you wait awhile, to see if this goes away on its own. If it's not better within a few weeks - or certainly if it gets worse (more painful, and more pronounced color change) then see a doctor right away, OK? You may have an infection of some kind. Good luck - PJH

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