Breath test can detect colon cancer

Biopsies, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays and other means have been used to help diagnose different types of cancer around the body.  Colon cancer has traditionally been identified through a colonoscopy, a blood stool test or barium enema x-ray – but doctors may have found a new way.  Researchers from the University Aldo Moro (Italy) have created a method in which a patient's breath can be examined to potentially diagnose colon cancer.

The test, similar to a breathalyzer, was tested on 78 people, 37 of whom had colon cancer and 41 who did not.  The breath test showed a common, distinct pattern of chemicals among those who had colon cancer and not present in the healthy individuals.

Groundbreaking in nature, this type of minimally-invasive, timely examination method has been the dream of doctors for decades, especially for a deadly condition such as colon cancer.  Though still in its infancy of development, this breath test could open the door to faster, more efficient treatment of cancer.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Breath Test Can Detect Colon Cancer