Is A Bright Red Streak On Breast A Concern?


Asked by Willow Tree

Is A Bright Red Streak On Breast A Concern?

Hello- I am 28 years old. I had a bright red streak on my right breast about a month ago. It was about inch and a half long, horizontal, on inside of breast. It seemed to come out of nowhere, looked bright red, not like a scratch. I have had intermittent pain in both breasts as well as sometimes pretty severe itching and occasional rash. Is this something to worry about or can you get streaks once in awhile? Could high red blood cells/hematocrit/hemoglobin cause this?(I have that) Also, low white blood cells, chronic fatigue, muscle, and joint pain. They think I may have some sort of blood issue happening or rheumatoid issue maybe. I have not let my doctor know of the streak yet, not sure it is related to how I have been feeling the past year. Thanks for your help, Willow


Willow, we're not medically trained here; simply well-read breast cancer survivors, so we can't really help with a complete diagnosis of your multiple symptoms. A bright red streak on your breast that comes and goes wouldn't be a typical breast cancer symptom; and internittent pain is more likely to be hormone-related than anything else. Unless your breast seems infected (red, hot, swollen, painful, itchy), no need to see the doctor right away. Track your symptoms; and if they last longer than a month, without disappearing, then it would be best to see your doctor, OK? Good luck - PJH

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