Brisk walk chases chocolate cravings

Doing just 15 minutes of physical activity, such as taking a brisk walk, can help you lose your craving for a chocolate snack, say researchers from the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

For their study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, 47 overweight people with an average age of 28 who ate chocolate or junk food snacks daily refrained from eating those snacks for three days.  They were then randomly divided into two groups.

One group walked quickly on a treadmill while the others remained sedentary.Then, both groups sat quietly for five minutes. Next, they were asked to take a high-stress test known as the Stroop test. The Stroop test includes distinguishing colors that are marked incorrectly.

Finally, the study partcipants were asked to select a snack and unwrap it, but then hold it for 30 seconds. During this time, the participants’ blood pressure and heart rate were monitored to register the level of “emotional arousal” the snacks gave them.

The results showed the group that performed the treadmill walk had decreased stress and cravings compared to the sedentary group. Those who did not use the treadmill also exhibited elevated pulse rates compared to the treadmill group.

More study is required to better understand tricks for reducing cravings, but experts hope this kind of research can be used to help people fight obesity.

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Sourced from:, Crave chocolate? A 15-minute walk will magic those bad feelings away