Can Bronchitis Settle Into Someone's Back And Cause Pain


Asked by marymarie87

Can Bronchitis Settle Into Someone's Back And Cause Pain

Can bronchitis settle into someone's back and cause pain? I've been coughing for the past two weeks. It comes and goes, and it bad enough that I have to take cough medicine in order not to cough the whole time I'm at work. My chest has also been hurting (stress, I think) and lately I've got severe pain in my mid/upper back. I've tried various pain medications but they don't help. I've never experienced this sort of pain, and when I sit up for too long I become breathless. Laying directly on my back is the only relief I can find. What's going on? Could this be bronchitis?


Hi Marymarie87,

I'm sure that you found an answer to your quesiton long ago, but I wanted to give you an answer in case it helps someone else, too.

It's definitely possible that your coughing and back pain could be caused by bronchitis. Your risk for bronchitis is elevated if you smoke, or if you already have lung-related problems, such as asthma. Viral respiratory illnesses of many types can also lead to bronchitis. Since you're in pain, and since your cough has lasted for weeks already I'd suggest seeing your doctor.

In the meantime, here's some information on chronic bronchitis.

I hope that helps! Be sure to come back and let us know if you found a treatment for your pain and cough.