My Brother Was Just Diagnosed With Ms And I Think I May Be Having "Phantom" Symptoms.


Asked by worriedsister

My Brother Was Just Diagnosed With Ms And I Think I May Be Having "Phantom" Symptoms.

I have been experiencing a buzzing feeling in the back of my head and sometimes I cant say words I want to say. They dont want to come out of my mouth it seems. Not like I cant find the right words, I have them but they dont want to come out. Like, the name of the company I work for. When I answer the phone I cant say the name. I have to look at the words and that makes it a bit easier. I am just wondering if any of this could be signs that I may have MS too.


Hey Worriedsister,

Welcome. I'm sure that you must be worried about your brother and what having MS means. There could be other causes for the symptoms you are experiencing, but if they continue to trouble you, then certainly talk to your doctor about it.

Here's some information I had collected at one point:

The direct cause of MS is unknown and there are many theories involving viral exposure, environmental factors, and hereditary markers. Just two years ago, the NMSS stated that the average person in the US has a 1 in 750 chance of developing MS. If the same person has a parent with MS, the risk increases to about 1 in 40.

I remember reading that about 5% of people with MS have a brother or sister who is affected and about 15% have a close relative who is affected. So it does seem that heredity plays a role, but it also means that 85% of people with MS have no close relatives who are similarly affected. There is important research ongoing which seeks to identify genes and genetic markers which help to regulate the immune system. Just one year ago, researchers part of the International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium announced that they had uncovered new genetic variations associated with MS. You are and your brother twins? If so, when one twin develops MS, it does increase the risk of the other twin developing MS. An increase - but not a certainty.

And it's completely possible that you are experiencing sympathetic symptoms, or are just noticing symptoms which you might have previously ignored, having recognized them as possibly being related to MS. Are you experiencing any other symptoms?

Come back and let us know. We're here to listen and provide support. I do wish you the best. I hope this helps.


Answered by Lisa Emrich