Brown Black Discharge From Left Nipple Now Sore Breast.


Asked by Zoe Wyldefyre

Brown Black Discharge From Left Nipple Now Sore Breast.

Hi- I was in the bath when I gently squeezed my left nipple and much to my shock, black/ brown almost like iodine discharge came out of my breast. I haven't breastfed for the last 2 years. Could it be old milk or a bruise or something? My breast felt hot right after the discharge came out even though I didn't squeeze very hard and now my breast and nipple feel quite tender. Is this something I should look straight into or should I just keep an eye on it? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks


Hi Zoe - We aren't doctors here, simply well-read breast cancer survivors. As such, we can offer advice based on our own experiences, but can't diagnose, or provide medical advice. That said, I think it's safe for you to wait a few days and see if this discharge continues. Try not to squeeze it; just leave it alone. If your breast/nipple become more painful, or swollen, then go ahead and call the doctor. If not, and if there's no more discharge (remember, don't squeeze it), then just continue to keep your eye on it for awhile until you're sure everything's back to normal. In the meantime, please read our post on nipple discharge; I think you'll find it helpful. Take care - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel