Brown Discharge From My Right Nipple, 33yr Old Male


Asked by joe76

Brown Discharge From My Right Nipple, 33yr Old Male

im a guy, 33yrs old, tonight i put some pressure on my right part of my chest near the nipple (no real reason) but anyways i guess i pushed too hard because this brown stuff came squirting out of one of the little glands and i got kinda freaked out.. any idea what this may be?


I know some of the reasons that could happen to a woman, and I think those reasons would apply to men too. Sometimes wart-like growths called intraductal papillomas can form inside the ducts and cause a bloody discharge. Bruising or other injuries that cause bleeding in the tissue inside the breast can also be responsible. Cancer is a less-likely cause, but it is one possibility. Men have breast tissue, just like women, but because of their different hormones, the breast don't develop. It would probably be a good idea to report this to your doctor, just to be sure everything is OK.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson