Brown Spots On Both Sides Of The Breasts


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Brown Spots On Both Sides Of The Breasts


im 22 about to be 23 next month and i have 2 tanish/brown spots on both sides of my breast and a little on under the right. and if i scratch them there like flaky. i had one on the top of my breast 1o clock and i put lotion it and it went away and my breast itch once in awhile.. But Im just soo scared what if its ibc cancer?


Hi - If lotion makes these spots disappear, they're not cancer. This sounds like a skin issue. Breast skin is more sensitive than most of the rest of your skin, so you may be reacting to a new shower gel, laundry detergent, even a different bra. Or you may have a fungal infection of some kind.

If the spots don't spontaneously disappear on their own within a couple of weeks, you'd probably want to see a dermatologist. Or if your breast seems infected - swollen, hot, red, itchy, painful - or if you feel a lump, then you'd want to see your GP. Best of luck to you - PJH

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