A Bruise Suddenly Appeared On My Breast. Should I Worry?


Asked by lori

A Bruise Suddenly Appeared On My Breast. Should I Worry?

I've just noticed a huge black bruise on my left breast. I know I didn't injure myself; I would have felt it. I called my doctor's office and they said they couldn't do much for bruises, but I know that bruising that huge and dark wouldn't show up without any cause. Should I worry?


As PJ says, an apparent bruise on the breast that doesn't heal could be a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), especially if you have swelling, warmth, and skin dimpling. Don't panic yet because IBC is rare. If you are taking a medicine that thins the blood (including some herbs and vitamins like Vitamin E) you may find yourself bruising even when you don't remember an injury. Anti-inflammatory pain killers like aspirin and ibuprophen make me bruise very easily, and I often don't remember an injury. If this doesn't heal like a normal bruise, or if you find yourself with frequent bruises and no remembered injury, call your doctor.

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