Bulge In Armpit


Asked by Anupsetsoul

Bulge In Armpit

Im 28 and i have a tender swelling in my armpits. When consulted, doc informed that the extension of breast skin. It doesnt pain or itch. This bulges out from the bra line and shows up when wearing a t shirt. Because of this i feel uncomfortable wearing short sleeve dress.


Since it's in both armpits, this is probably a hormonal issue of some kind. If it's painful, please read our post on breast pain; it'll let you know some of the possible causes. Also, please read our post on armpit lumps, as you may gain something from that, too. Finally, if you're not satisfied with your doctor's diagnosis, please get another opinion - that's always a good option when you just don't feel right about something. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel