A Bump At The Center Of My Nipple That Hurts Like Hell!


Asked by aylin9311

A Bump At The Center Of My Nipple That Hurts Like Hell!

Hi! I am 18 years old. I had a little sore in my right nipple during all day yesterday, it was indeed hard and kind of big, so I thought that my breast was getting bigger, but the next day, I just felt a really huge sore and noticed that I had like a little acne-like, small bump in just the center of my nipple. Everything that touches (even my clothe) the little bump in my nipple, it HURTS! It really hurts like hell, at first it was yellowish-like so I thought it was pus but it is hard and is connected into the inside somehow. I think it is in the middle of my mamarian-duct(where you feed your baby) in which I'm still virgin so I don't understand what is happening. My mom says that it's just temporary and that I don't need to see a doctor but I'm really concerned about it and I can stay topless all the time!

I want to know if it is something bad to tell my mom to take me to a doctor.

Please, reply me soon as I am really worried! Thank you


This is probably an infection of one of your milk ducts, or one of the oil glands surrounding your nipple. Since it's so painful, and really affecting your life, you should see a doctor. If you're still in high school, see the school nurse - that would be your best, least-expensive option for immediate health care; and a good way to find out if you do need to see a doctor, or if you can wait and see if it disappears on its own. Finally, if it seems like it's getting worse quickly - or if your breast seems infected (red, hot swollen, painful), see a doctor right away. Take care- PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel