Bumps On Arms And Legs. Could These Be From Bug Bites?


Asked by Tifaeris16

Bumps On Arms And Legs. Could These Be From Bug Bites?

About 3-4weeks ago I noticed a few itchy, red bumps on myself. They very closely resemble mosquito bites &, as bug bites tend to do, they appear larger after being scratched. The bumps do resolve on their own but I continue to find new ones everyday - on my legs, feet, arms, back, neck, & most recently I have started to find them on my hands. My partner & I initially assumed there must have been some kind of mites in the new apartment because the bumps appeared the week we moved into our new residence. So we've "bombed" our apartment twice now but I'm still itching. He has no sign of the bumps which are plaguing me, none of our friends have had any symptoms after spending a night in our home, even the dog doesnt seem itchy! The bumps are all over me & it's getting so I can hardly sleep at night; does anyone have a clue what this could be?


It is impossible for me to give you a definite answer on what is causing these red bumps on your skin. However, one possibility is dust mites. These types of mites can live in carpeting and that could explain why you experienced a problem after moving into your new apartment. Dust mites don't bite - but many people do have allergic reactions to the dust mites. The allergic reaction can look like small, red bug bites or bumps. This could be why other people aren't noticing a reaction. It could be they aren't experiencing the same allergic reaction as you.

To get rid of dust mites, vacuum often. There are also a number of commercial products available to rid your house of dust mites. An exterminator can also help.

But this can also happen with bed bugs. There are many instances of two people sharing a bed and only one person being bitten - in reality it is only one person who has a reaction to the bed bugs.

Since you only experienced this after moving into your apartment, I would suggest looking for information on the dust mites first or consulting with an exterminator.

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Answered by Eileen Bailey