Burning Pain Across Lower Buttocks To Outside Hip Area. Lack Of Range Of Movement.


Asked by nancy

Burning Pain Across Lower Buttocks To Outside Hip Area. Lack Of Range Of Movement.

I have had burning pain and a knot in my lower right buttocks to the outside hip area. The pain often goes down my leg. Sitting and especially getting up and moving again can be terrible. I usually have to be certain to elevate my right leg to prevent the compression and pincing that is obviously going on. I can walk alright afer sitting although it takes a few minutes for the circulation/weakness to adjust. Standing for more than an hour or being on my feet in a restricted movement type of area causes the area to feel inflamed and so achy. Laying on my right side can be so painful if I don't put a pillow between my legs. One of the most frustrating things is that I have limited mobility in the right hip/groin area and so I have trouble putting a sock or shoe on my right foot. Ice works and feels wonderful for temporary relief. This situation has caused me to limit my activity and so I worry about the lack of exercise and movement actually making matters worse. I am 52 and prior to this enjoyed walking and dancing. It has creeped up on me over the past 5-7 years and now seems to consume me. I am forced to continue working as a teacher as I am single. This certainly effects my relationships as I often feel I must just suck it up but feel the cloud of chronic discomfort all over me. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the lack of range of movement on the effected side along with the burning and pain? I don't want to go through a string of medical evaluations that only result in nothing more than guesswork and trial remedies. Knowing that others are experiencing the same is certainly comforting when so often I feel that I am here visiting from another planet. Thank you to anyone who can offer a word or thought of advice. With peace and prayer to all of you! Nancy


I understand your hesitancy about going through medical evaluations because I tend to be the same way, but when pain begins to affect and restrict your life as you describe, it really is time to get it checked. If you have a physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation) in your area, that would be a good place to start. He/she should be able to pinpoint what is causing your pain and give you effective treatment options.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards