I Get a Burning in my Chest when I Eat Spicy or Acidic Foods. Why?


Asked by SUSAN

I Have A Burning Pain In My Chest After I Eat Certain Foods, Spicy And Acidic Foods No Longer Agree With Me. What Do I Have?

I have a burning pain in my chest after I eat certain foods; spicy and acidic foods no longer agree with me. What do I have?


Your symptoms are consistent with reflux. The good news is that you have already identified foods that are triggering the problem. Avoiding these foods is the fastest and probably best way to "treat" the problem. Alternately, some people will use anti-acids when they know they are eating something that will cause a problem. Often times they use these in advance to help settle the stomach before it gets bad.

There are also some preventive things you can try to help your symptoms such as eating smaller amounts, etc. I know that I can't eat pizza, but I can have a bite or two of my kids' pizza which generally satisfies the craving without causing the pain.

If your symptoms persist or worsen then it's time to talk to your doctor about a good treatment plan. And, of course, before starting any medication over the counter or prescription it's important to discuss the medication with your doctor who will have your full medical history in front of her.

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