Burning Sensation In Left Breast


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Burning Sensation In Left Breast

hi i just became 20 last month..n i hve notices that i get burning sensation in my left breast..i have nt foung any lump as yet..thnx to Allah..bt i am scared abt the burning sensation..it was quite alot the last weak..bt recently i am nt gettin that..please help me..also that my mother has been suffering frm breast cancer since the last 5 yrs n undergoin chemo...i am also facin a little ache in my left hand..


If the sensation comes and goes, it is probably not a symptom of a serious problem. Often people use the phrase "burning sensation" to describe nerve pain. Something might be occasionally putting pressure on a nerve. You should mention this to the doctor at your next regular check-up. If the pain is bad enough that you can't concentrate or if it gets worse, call the doctor and set up an appointment right away.

When you talk to the doctor, ask about how much your mother's cancer affects your own risk. It will probably be less than you think. For example, in my own daughter's case, my cancer increased her life-time risk of getting cancer from 11% to 18%, so there is still a 4 out of 5 chance that she will never get breast cancer. Your mother's age when she got cancer and the kind of cancer she has will affect your own risk factors.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson