I Have A Burning Sensation In My Left Breast. Should I Worry?


Asked by TLC

I Have A Burning Sensation In My Left Breast. Should I Worry?

I'm 40 years old and have been experiencing a burning sensation in my left breast on and off, and I'm very worried. I reported this to my OBGYN, and she says it's just a perimenopause symptom. Should I keep worrying about it?


Has this sensation been off and on for a week or for months? Is the pain annoying or severe? Generally speaking off and on symptoms aren't cancer. It's good that you've checked in with your OBGYN. And it's certainly true that hormonal changes can cause pain and tenderness. However, you seem very young for perimenopause; it could be you're experiencing fibrocystic change, a benign condition that, while not dangerous, can cause symptoms such as you describe.

Since this burning is just on your left side, you might want to make some notes about the frequency and duration of the pain. If your pain gets more intense or more frequent, checking back in with your own doctor or a breast specialist might be a good idea.  Has your doctor scheduled you for a baseline mammogram?  Many doctors routinely do that for women who turn 40, especially if they're having symptoms like yours.

Keep an eye out for any visual changes in your breast. If you develop swelling and or redness, this might signal an infection, and you'd want to call immediately for another appointment.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson