Burst Blood Vessell On Left Breast?


Asked by Shaz

Burst Blood Vessell On Left Breast?

On my left breast, it looks like a blood vessell has burst and has covered half my left breast, its purple/ red and itchy. Should I get it checked? It looks like its gobe down today so moght be going away?


Shaz, you need to call the doctor and get this checked out. It might be a bruise or an allergic reaction. There is a less likely possibility that you have the early signs of a relatively rare form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). IBC often begins with a large patch of purple/red skin similar to your description, and itching is also an early symptom. Swelling, warmth, and pain are also frequently associated with IBC. IBC symptoms overlap with infection and allergic reaction symptoms, so don't panic. However all three of those problems need a doctor's attention. If it is a bruise, it will soon start to fade.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson