C-Section increases allergy risk

Natural childbirth may give infants an extra boost of protection against common allergies. A study conducted by researchers at Henry Ford Hospital found that children delivered via c-section are up to five times more likely to develop allergies by age two than babies delivered naturally.

Scientists believe that the increased risk of allergies is linked to a lack of exposure to bacteria. During natural childbirth, the infant is briefly exposed to bacteria present in the birth canal. That seems to significantly strengthen the baby’s immune system. Without the exposure, the child is more likely to develop allergies to common household allergens, such as dust and pet hair.

The research confirms other studies that have linked c-section deliveries to an increased risk of childhood health problems, such as food allergies and diarrhea.

[Sourced from: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/256915.php, C-Section Babies 5 Times More Likely To Develop Allergies](Medical News Today)