Should I Take Calcium Citrate Or Calcium Caltrate


Asked by Phyllis

Should I Take Calcium Citrate Or Calcium Caltrate

I am 74 and in good health. I have slight osteoporosis in one hip and osteopenia in the other. I take Fosomax. I also take Caclium daily. Should I take calcium citrate or calcium caltrate. I have no digestive issues and do not take antacids.


Hi Phyllis, welcome to the site. Does your caltrate have vitamin D in it? As far as I know the only difference between the two is the addition of vitamin D, if that's what it says on the label.

The recommended amounts of calcium are 1200 mgs a day broken into several doses and vitamin D is 1000 IU's, taken anytime in one dose or multiple doses if your caltrate has a low amount of D in it. Since you don't have any digestive issues you could take which ever you choose, but you need to know if the caltrate has vitamin D, and if so how much, and the same would go for the calcium portion of it. Here's a link on calcium and vitamin D from the National Osteoporosis Foundation. You should also try to calculate the totals you are getting in calcium from your diet and add that in too. If you are taking cod liver oil, or are fond of fatty fish those totals should be added in as well since they contain vitamin D.

Good luck, if you have any questions just click the "reply" link below. If you could tell me if caltrate has vitamin D in it that would be great.

Answered by Pam Flores