Can a Migraine Last for a Week or More?

by Dr. David Watson & Teri Robert Health Professional & Patient Advocate


Can a migraine last for a week or more? Mary.


Dear Mary;

Excellent question! The simple answer is, "Yes," but there's more to it than that.

The "normal" time for a migraine to last is four to 72 hours. If a migraine stops for four hours or longer, it is considered to be over. If it starts up again after those four or more hours, it's not the same migraine attack - it's a new one.

If a migraine lasts longer than 72 hours, it's considered to be status migrainous (or status migrainousus), and you should contact your doctor for help getting it stopped. See Status Migrainous - The Basics.

Migraineurs who have 15 or more migraine and headache days, with at least of them being migraine, have chronic migraine, and should be treated accordingly. See Chronic Migraine - The Basics .

Hoping this helps,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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