`Can These Symptoms Be Tmj?


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`Can These Symptoms Be Tmj?

For the past two months I've developed neurological problems that have progressed, starting with episodic lightheadedness to pain behind the eyes/sinuses (episodic), as well as tingling in various facial areas (cheeks, lips, gums), constant left ear fullness. I've had a few short-lived headaches (like pounding or pressured feelings) in the lower left back of my head, but they abate quickly (within 10 minutes). I've also had a couple of blurred or double-vision spells that last about 10 minutes each. I continue to have all of these symptoms from time to time.

Blood work shows no infection; CAT scan and MRI show no tumors but a few areas of inflammation.

Since then I've developed tingling or tightening feelings at all times below my waist from hip to hip on my back side. Some upper back pain is now developing, and sometimes I feel some numbness or weakness in my baby toes and fingers.

I've just assumed this is due to some odd form of multiple sclerosis, but my neurologist just doesn't think so. I've been medicating myself with Nortryptaline and ibuprofen every day for weeks now. It seems to help in every symptom except the ear fullness and hip tingling.

Now I am wondering if TMJ could be playing a role, because I happened to notice that the left ear "crackled" when pressed while the right did not on a recent evening. I haven't been able to make it crackle again since then. AND I just remembered that my dentist told me I have been grinding my teeth and should wear a mouth guard. I haven't.

My question is could all or some of these symptoms be TMJ and not MS as I'd been assuming?

Thank you so much!!


It can be so hard to pin down the cause of neurological symptoms. TMJ can cause an enormous number of symptoms (http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/tmj-38544-5.html); among them lightedness and pain and fullness feelings you describe. Jaw crackling and tooth grinding does not in itself signify TMJ but it certainly can be a part of it.

It's difficult to really get a bead on TMJ right now; there is no established diagnostic test that I'm aware of, no established treatment regime, etc. If you can you might try to find a specialist who can carefully check your jaw, bite, etc. and determine if you have TMJ and then attempt to treat it.

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Good luck!

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