Can Xanax and Klonopin Help Treat Depression and Panic Disorder?

Health Professional

I am suffering from extreme chronic depression and panic disorder.   Can Xanax and Klonopin help?   Have other people experienced added depression with Klonopin?

The reality is that everyone is different. Some people think certain meds have only limited uses (for example, "Xanax should only be for occasional symptoms") while others think differently ("some patients can experience complete remission of depression with only Xanax.") In reality, we have some guidelines, we have our clinical experience, and, most importantly, what you tell us. My tendency is to listen to the patient, not the diagnosis.

Many benzos can have strange effects: for example, rather than sedate you, they may make you feel wired. So can it happen? Yes. But generally these drugs cause fairly predictable outcomes. As above, it's most important that you tell your doctor everything, including prior experience with all medications, whether prescribed or not.

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