Can curry spice help heal brain?

A spice used commonly in curries may help boost the brain's ability to repair itself. That's the conclusion of a German study published in the journal, Stem Cell Research and Therapy.

Researchers focused on the compound aromatic-turmerone, found in the spice tumeric, and injected it into rats.  After analyzing the scans of the rats' brains, the scientists found that parts involved in nerve cell growth were particularly active. The team also studied the effects of the compound with rodent neural stem cells which have the ability to transform into any type of brain cell. They found that there was a greater growth of the cells when the  extract of the compound was given to the animals.

Such positive effects, however, have not yet been seen in humans and often chemicals and medications effective in rats and mice don't have the same impact in humans. That said, the researchers believe the findings could lead to more research to determine if the compound can be a part of efforts to fight Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.

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Sourced from: BBC Health , Brain repair 'may be boosted by curry spice'