Candida Yeast

Health Writer

Our bodies naturally grow yeast within our bodies. Our immune system regulates the growth of yeast and keeps it to a minimum. However, when certain bacteria are killed through the use of antibiotics, yeast growth becomes more pronounced and can cause yeast infections. These infections are normally found in the vagina, on the skin or nails, Anti-fungal treatment is used to treat these infections.

Proponents of this treatment believe that yeast infections compromise our natural immune system. This causes a susceptibility to ADHD and other mental illnesses as well as other diseases.

Candida yeast treatment includes anti-fungal medications along with reducing sugar from your diet.

In the article "Controversial Treatments for ADHD," Dr. Sam Goldman and Barbara Ingersoll explain, "Although it is recognized that candida can cause infections of the vagina, mouth, and skin, there is little evidence to support the idea that it also causes the host of other illnesses listed by advocates of this approach. Little evidence is provided to support these theories. Instead, anecdotal data and testimonials are offered as proof that the approach is effective. The theory is not supported by evidence and is not suggested as a helpful treatment for ADHD."


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