Can't Take Antihistamines


Asked by Bob

Can't Take Antihistamines

I have diminished kidney function, so have been told by my doctor that I can't take antihistamines...what can I take for allergies?


Hi Bob,

Your doctor will be the best one to answer this question, since s/he knows you and your health history, but I can tell you that antihistamines are the most effective treatment for allergies. However, you might ask your doctor about Singulair, which is a slightly different type of medicine called a leukotriene modifier. It's taken by mouth and is also used to treat asthma.

Another option is a nasal steroid spray, such as Nasonex. Inhaled drugs like Nasonex are often safer for people who have kidney and liver problems because they treat the symptoms where they originate, rather than being circulated throughout your body as an oral medicine is.

Your doctor can tell you if either of those options would be safe for you.

In addition, anyone who has allergies should focus first on removing exposure from known allergy triggers. Everyone is different, but common allergens are tree, grass, and weed pollens, mold spores, dust mites, animal dander, and certain insect droppings. Any actions you can take to avoid such substances will go a long way towards controlling your allergy symptoms naturally.

To your health,


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton