Can't Sleep On Sleeping Pills


Asked by Granny8

Can't Sleep On Sleeping Pills

I take 1-2 sleeping pills, and most nights I still can't sleep. I either sleep really deep for about an hour or two, then wake up or I wake up every hour. My insurance company will not allow me to have abien which did the job for me. I walk around like a zombie most days. It's a wonder I can even drive most days.



Hey there

That is really hard to deal with when you can't sleep and then it messes up your day. I see that you have your question listed under postpartum depression. If you have just had a baby recently I can totally understand why you are not sleeping. I know when I had my babies, I was up every couple of hours to nurse. Are you taking any medications which might be keeping you up as well? Sometimes caffeine can also keep us from sleeping.

I have trouble with insomnia myself and I have found that Melatonin, avaible at most health food stores, does the trick for me. I take a sublingual pill, 2.5 MG an hour before I want to go to sleep and this helps me a lot. It doesn't work for everyone though. If you are already taking sleeping pills and getting up, not sure if it would work for you.

What does your doctor suggest for you that you can get with your insurance?

This is a tricky question especially if you are breast feeding. Your doctor is going to be the best person to tell you what you can safely take.

I hope you get some rest and good sleep soon.

Answered by Merely Me