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My Son is 15 weeks old and has colic real bad, he is on colief at the moment and has been since 6 weeks old, we have tried to reduce the dosage but with no avail he just seems so agitated and in pain, took him back to GP yesterday as he was crying for a total of 10 hours they prescribed him carabel but I have read this is or babies with reflux, which is something my Son does not have ~ will this help his colic? I am confused and frustrated as we have been to the GP so many times now, he has cried so much poor baby has a really sore throat now.



I am not familiar with Carabel. Could you give me a bit more information?

Babies cry for many reasons. Crying may be due to colic or reflux or something else. It sounds like the doctor is trying to help your baby by trying different treatments.

Other ways to sooth a baby:


Rocking/movement (swing, rocking chair, car ride)

Changing the diet if the baby has allergies/intolerances

Small, frequent meals

Jan Gambino

The Reflux Mom

Answered by Jan Gambino