Cat Dander And Copd


Asked by NC Dandylion

Cat Dander And Copd

I'm not allergic to cat dander but does it make my COPD worse? I don't want to give up my cat but I'll do anything that helps me feel better on a regular basis.


COPD is not an allergic disease, so exposure to cat dander would not have any effect on COPD. However, sometimes people with COPD also have a diagnosis of asthma, a similar but not life-threatening disease.

Asthma, if it's the allergic type, can be triggered by cat dander in some people. You say you're not allergic to cat dander, though, so I doubt your cat is making your COPD worse. Still, you may want to discuss this issue with your doctor to be sure. Also, if your COPD is worsening, your doctor may be able to modify your treatment plan so that you feel better.



Answered by Kathi MacNaughton