Cause Of Aching Deep Pain In Front Of Thigh


Asked by upnothcin

Cause Of Aching Deep Pain In Front Of Thigh

I have been experiencing a deep, aching pain in the front of my thigh. What might be causing this?


You'll have to see a doctor to find out what this is about. A number of things could cause it; a muscle strain, something called piriformis syndrome or pseudo sciatica-gluteus minimus - which involves tears or strains of the muscles that run from the pelvis to the hip, or more serious problems such as osteomyelitis.

You might try rest, ice, compression, elevation, and anti-inflammatories to relieve a possible muscle strain/tear. Most muscle strains clear up in a couple of weeks; the general rule is that if it's not gone by then, it's time to see a doctor. Good luck!

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