Cause Of Itchy Chin, Neck And Chest


Asked by Gillian Corbie

Cause Of Itchy Chin, Neck And Chest

My chin, neck and chest have been itching (on the inside). There is no rash. My chest tightens up at night. I have mild seasonal allergies.


Hi Gillian,

You have a problem similar to another person who posted a question about "asthma itch."

You can read the post and the answers to it at this link:

All our expert and nurse Kathi MacNaughton said, itchiness seems to be part of allergic asthma. You mentioned chest tightness, particularly at night, which is one symptom of asthma. And if you have seasonal allergies, then this is the time when the pollen will get your eyes, nose and skin itching.

Are you taking any medicine? Have you seen a doctor? Your doctor can help you figure out the best way to take care of your allergy symptoms. And you definitely want to see a doctor to formulate an asthma action plan to get your asthma under control.

Answered by JB