Cause Of Joint Pain And Swelling In Arm And Foot?


Asked by Mike Reegs

Cause Of Joint Pain And Swelling In Arm And Foot?

My 90-year old grandfather has been suffering from extreme joint pain, limitation of arm movement, limited motor function in the right hand, and swelling in his right hand and right ankle for about the last 2-months. his DR prescribed PT treatments and they are not helping...what could it be, and what can we do to help him? Otherwise he a healthy man with, "all his hair, his teeth and no prescriptions" please help!


If the physiotherapy is not working, your grandfather needs to go back to his doctor and ask for more tests and possibly a referral to e.g., a rheumatologist. Your grandfather sounds pretty with it, but it may be helpful for a family member to accompany him to the appointment - sometimes doctors tend to shrug off problems in older people as just part of aging and having a family member there who can push can be a good idea. There's clearly a problem that is going to affect his independence and the sooner he gets some tests see what's going on, the better. In the meantime, here is a good article on getting easy exercise when you're dealing with joint pain.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW