Cause Of Sudden, Severe Heartburn?


Asked by Angela

Cause Of Sudden, Severe Heartburn?

I am experiencing severe heartburn. It feels as if a pepper has burst open in my chest. I'm not experiencing chests pains or weakness, but it is very uncomfortable. What could cause this?


I am concerned with your sudden heartburn symptoms.   People with heart disease describe their pain in may different ways: sharp, dull, pressing, and even burning.   Should you have recurrent symptoms like this, or your discomfort is persistent, you should seek a medical opinion.   Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.   If this discomfort is persistent and lasts more than 10-15 minutes, I suggest you go to the emergency room.

You need a face to face evaluation, examination, and electrocardiogram.   If all is negative, then treatment can be directed at other possible, less serious, causes.

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