Are Ceiling Fans Bad For Your Health?


Asked by PLeister

Are Ceiling Fans Bad For Your Health?

I have heard that sleeping with a ceiling fan is bad for your health - that you aren't supposed to have any kind of direct breeze or blowing on you especially at night. Is this true? Is there any research to back this up?


Hi PLeister,

Are you asking about this because you have Migraines? If so, some people do suffer from Allodynia which is when normal painless stimulus is felt as painful. You can read more about Migraines in Anatomy of a Migraine .

Yes, there is plenty of research to back up Allodynia in Migraines. Here is just one bit of research for you:

Cutaneous Allodynia Linked to Headache Type and Frequency

If you are looking for information about ceiling fans and your general health, you may want to look on our main site, to see if there is any information there.

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Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk