Can I Take Celebrex And Antihistamine?


Asked by mariz

Can I Take Celebrex And Antihistamine?

I am suffering with osteoarthritis and I am prescribed to take celebrex 400mg after lunch, but I am allergic to chicken which is my viand during lunch, I have taken celebrex after my lunch now am itchy due to the chicken I ate, Can I take antihistamine )Claritin 10mg) at the same time?


Hi, Mariz,

400 mg of Celebrex is a high dose. I am prescribed 400 mg of Celebrex, too, but for RA. I have asthma, also, so I take 10 mg of Zyrtec every day. I also take Celebrex, and various other medications. I am not a doctor. If you are concerned, you could call your pharmacist. None of my doctors have ever cautioned me not to take my antihistamine when I take my Celebrex.

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Answered by Vanessa Collins